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I will be doing a big DP really soon. During the DP, I will drop everything ranging from spawners, vouchers, picks, kits, money, ranks. Do not miss it. It will be very nice. It will be next Saturday. The 6th of May!

May 6th 2017! 12:30PM PST

Love you guys, updates and ads coming soon :)

Some stuff was broken, and the reset didn't feel like a reset enough for me. So I added many more updates since, and even fixed our lag issues! With that said, we are running a 55% off sale server wide.

Updates done are the following:

  • The ability to do /xpbottle
This will allow you to withdraw your EXP and put it into a bottle. Then you can do what ever you please with it.

  • New epearl cooldown
In the past, the epearl cooldown was very buggy. So we got a new one!

  • /withdraw command
This allows you withdraw your money into a note item. Then, you can deposit it back into your account when ever you please.

  • New announcement format
This was very much needed. I got rid of the super super colorful chat and replaced it with a better format.

  • New message when you type /balance and /exp
Go check it out if you want.

  • New custom /help message.
This is to help new players. It shows all commands for you to do that are not as common.

  • mob stacking
This has reduced so, so, so much lag.

  • Item stacking
This stacks items on the ground, which again, reduced our lag a ton.

  • Colored names in tab
self explanatory.
Hey guys,

Going to quickly evaluate the last 2 days of the reset thus far. Everything is going pretty smooth without bugs. People are figuring stuff out quickly and learning to like each feature it seems. With that said, things I've fixed so far are the following.

  • Sell sign not working on trapped chests
  • voting
  • random skills leveling up
  • Virtual Keys
  • Reset gangs
  • Fixed few announcements
  • Added almost every item to /sell hand, /sell all, and chest sell
Lots more coming soon, seriously, expect it.
Hey guys,

As you know I've been working on updates. Well, they are finally done! That's right, finally! But, the thing is. Our new island leveling plugin isn't compatible with old islands. So here is what we will do.

Thing's I am doing differently:

This is not the whole update. I am still adding 3 or more very big updates. They will roll out weekly. Meaning every week you can expect an update. Also, this map we will be removing prison and factions and going back to just skyblock. With that said, do not worry. Anything you donated for, or worked for on either server, you will still keep. I am moving the prison and factions bit onto a new IP. Information about that will be released at a later date. I will also be putting every penny the server makes into advertisements to get us more players!

Since it's a fresh start, besides donations. We are going to be doing a $500 giveaway!

You win this by being the top island level by the end of summer. The #1 island will receive $500 paypal. Or I can buy you anything from amazon worth $500.

RESET IS 3/31/2017 at 4PM PST

Summit will go down 3/28/2017.
Things were resetting:
  • Money​
  • Islands​
  • Vaults​
  • Enderchest​
  • mcMMO​
Things you keep:
  • Anything you bought with real money​
  • Any structures or big things you've made on your island (This means you can request for me to carry over parts of your island. I WILL REMOVE ALL CHESTS/ANYTHING THAT CAN HOLD ITEMS FROM YOU THING I CARRY OVER)​
  • Keys you bought​
  • Ranks​
What are the new things you ask? Let me tell you!

New plugins:
Hopper filter | It's a command anyone can use to filter what items can go into your hoppers. By default, regular members can filter 4...​
Hey guys,

Just going to keep you updated on the current situation. As you may or may not know, my paypal was limited due to me not being 18. However, I have just recently turned 18. So now I am getting it all sorted out. I will soon again have a paypal. But regardless, the server hasn't made anything for the last 35 days now. Thats why I have not really been able to come out with new features or advertisements.

What do I have to say about that? Well I'll tell you. I am going to be very soon once my paypal is fixed adding it back to the store. Then, out of my own money I am going to pay to get a ton of new features, and things added for the server. I am going to make the server one of the most unique, and fun servers around. I have learned so much in the last 8 months of being with you guys. I know what you want from a server, and how I should do it now.

With that said, very soon this will be occurring. I will be revamping each and every server on Frostymc. Starting with our lovely skyblock server. Then prison and factions. I will be adding content never before seen on any servers on all of mc. Will be something to look forward too.

Lastly, with all the new content coming out way, will also bring advertisements. Yes! That is correct, ads haha. I'm not talking about just 1 or 2 youtubers though. I mean I will get slots, youtubers, and google ads. FrostyMC has a bright future and I can not wait to see where it will go.


Updates and ads coming very soon.
Hey guys,

Starting on February 1st, I will be getting advertisements, content updates, ect, ect again.

I've been very busy with life but I did manage to fit in some things in last 2 weeks I will list them below.

Fixed Factions:
Steak added to sell all/hand
Custom enchant crate finished
Method to get custom enchants added (through luckyblocks)
melons sell hand
Fixed custom enchants
Made Chests, Trapped chests, beds, Walls blow up from tnt.

Fixed Frostysb:
Moved onto a new host, no more lag?

Fixed SummitSB:
Rollbacks fixed
Dirt price lowered
Grass price lowered

Fixed Prison:
Added 15th mine

Enjoy this, more soon! Also 50% off sale.
Hey guys,

To celebrate me coming back from the dead (I've been really sick, I am finally better) I will be doing some events this Friday!

Make sure to not miss it as it will have some awesome rewards!

It will be at 1/14/17 at 2:30 pm PST.

Delayed till tomorrow at the same time! 2:30 PM PST!
Hey guys,
I'd like to announce that we are holding a 70% off sale! The sale begins tonight at midnight. Put simple, 4 hours and 30 minutes after this post is posted! The sale will last until the 26th of December. Everything in the entire store will be 70% off.

On top of that, I have added a few updates in last few days. I will list them below. But I am not stopping here, I will be adding a lot more before Christmas! You just wait and see. It should be a very fun time.

  • Announcements fixed on FrostySB
  • Fixed Overlord mine on prison
  • /ftop fixed finally on factions
  • Hologram added to faction spawn providing details on ftop prize
  • Tnt enabled on factions! Protect your bases!
  • /near added on factions
  • Shopgui added on factions
  • /trade added on factions
  • Ability to support up to 1.11.2 clients on the entire network.
  • All things below this are for factions only.
  • Water no longer freezes if above 200Y coordinates.
  • Creepers have a slight chance to drop tnt when killed by the environment (If they die from falling in grinder they drop tnt.) (Killing them with a sword does not give tnt)
  • You can scatter cannon spawners now, even if they are watered. (If you're creative enough you can figure out a way to still water your spawners.
  • If you blowup tnt on a spawner while its on the ground in item form it doesn't get blown up. Here is an example.[​IMG]
  • Clear lag no longer clears spawners
  • donators show up on /list now.
More is coming in these next few days. I cant wait to see where we can take the network in these next few months guys. I can't say thank you enough. We couldn't do this without you! With that said, I want every to have a very very merry Christmas and enjoy your self.
Hey guys,

So far we have had a bit of a rocky start on factions, but everything is very quickly becoming fixed. Below I will list everything that has been fixed and or updated and added since the launch of factions. I will also include a few sneak peaks at some things that I plan to add soon!

  • Ability to spawn withers <LUL how is this not fixed on release (dw its fixed now, you cant do it)>
  • All the faction core plugins were broke, all of them are fixed now, including ability to fly in your own land! Thanks dev for quick fix.
  • Faction power changed from 20 -> 50
  • Ability to attack people in neutral land without having to enemy them
  • Fixed some areas in pvp that you could fight people in even if safe
  • Some shop prices
  • Crates
  • Error with buycraft
  • Some nocheat things
  • Ability to /sethome in peoples bases
  • Claimed the whole outside of the border with warzone
  • Fixed kits giving you 2 picks, instead of a pick and shovel
  • Few other things that I don't remember atm.
Some things coming very very soon
  • Luckyblocks
  • Custom Enchants (voted on via community to make sure no broken ones)
  • When farming sugarcane, it goes straight into your inventory instead of on floor
  • When in pvp, drinking a potion will destroy the glass bottle.
  • More, stay tuned.
Besides all of the broken stuff, this was an awesome launch regardless. I am looking forward to these next couple of weeks and seeing just how far we can go with factions. I got one youtuber atm, soon to get more.

(Youtuber is coming Monday)

Stay frosty!
Hey guys!

I am happy to be able to finally bring you this very anticipated news announcement about factions!

Release date:
Friday the 16th of December!

Factions Top Prizes (Faction leader decides who gets what):

First Place - $300 USD (PayPal)

Second Place - $200 USD (Buycraft)

Third Place - $100 USD (Buycraft)

Fourth Place - $50 USD (Buycraft)​

You can find all information about factions here.

If not interested in explanations and pictures about the features, this is for you.​
  • Custom Lava Gen
  • Anti glitching
  • Huge giveaway at the end of the map
  • Anti logging off alts in bases
  • Coin Flip
  • Jackpot system
  • Ability to fly in own faction land
  • Ability to craft tnt without sand /tntcraft
  • /sell all for everyone (sells items at reduced price)
  • 3 Day Grace Period. (tnt is disabled first 3 days)
  • End disabled
  • Making bases in nether disabled (you can build how ever in nether)
  • Flat bedrock
  • Fixed cannoning
  • 1.8-1.11 support
  • Will keep adding more to this!